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Cougar Attacks 4-Year-Old Boy in Canada

Cougar Attacks
Cloverdale Reporter

Cougar attacks aren't common, but hearing about them sure make you want to take precautions in cat country. 

Conservation officers out of British Columbia have just reported an unprovoked cougar attack. As frightening as that sounds, imagine it happening to a 4-year-old boy with his father on a fishing trip! As the story goes, a family was traveling down a trail when the father looked back and saw the big cat on top of his son. It was right then when parental instincts took over.

"He had his two infant children with him and while they were fishing and walking, the parent turned around and noticed that the youngest infant, a four-year-old son, was being attacked by a cougar," conservation officer Joe Caravetta said told the Calgary Sun.

Almost immediately, the father ran towards his son and started attacking the cougar with his feet and nearby rocks. The cat retreated but not before it inflicted severe lacerations to the child.

At this time, the British Columbia Conservation Officer Service isn't reporting an imminent threat to people in the area due to the possibility of more cougar attacks.

"These aren't common occurrences," Caravetta said. "It sounds like this was a very young cougar and we're asking the public if they see a cougar in that area to report it to us."

Thankfully, the father took action. Cougars don't give up their prey easily.



Cougar Attacks 4-Year-Old Boy in Canada