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The Best Camo Rain Gear This Hunting Season

If you're a serious hunter, you know camo rain gear is a big deal. 

This fall, I'm going on an elk hunt in Colorado. I've heard there are two things that are must-have items.

The first is hard-soled hunting boots that fit my feet. The second thing is good camo rain gear. With that in mind, for most hunters waterproof camo is pretty high on the list if you plan to spend any time outdoors in adverse elements. For some, this might just be rain paints or an outer shell. For others, however, this is an entire hunting rain gear setup.

To make things easier on ourselves, here are a few sets of camo rain gear that are high on the list for consideration for this upcoming trip. There are big-price swings between some, but when it's raining hard, 100-percent rain protection is priceless.

Entry Level

To start, lets look at some beginning options for rain suits. If you just have a weekend out in the woods, a solid pair of Realtree hunting pants or a Mossy Oak rain jacket will probably work. However, confidence is half the battle. Because of this, looking toward Frogg Toggs makes a lot of sense. They have several different options when it comes to their hunting apparel. Scent control can be an issue, so keeping a tight grasp on your base layers is also going to have to be a consideration here. The best part of what Frogg Toggs offers though is solid rain protection at an affordable price.


At only $64.99, it's hard to go wrong. With all this being said, though, if you're going to be walking through thorns, branches, or some rough environments like what you might encounter out west, these won't cut it. Their lightweight, waterproof fabric is tough, yes, but it tears. This isn't cold weather gear either. However, if keeping yourself dry on top of your hunting clothes is your concern while you are sitting in a tree stand, you should be good to go.

Intermediate Level

OK, so maybe you're looking for a little more than Frogg Toggs to get the job done. Cool deal. There are plenty more waterproof hunting pants and jackets out there. Cabela's has a lot to offer her too, if you know where to look. For example, most of the men's hunting departments are going to offer camo of all sorts. However, the Cabela's Quiet Pack™ Rain Jacket with GORE-TEX® is where it's at. You can find this camo rain jacket for a regular price of $170. What makes this a great option is that it's made of waterproof material and can pack down to fit inside its own pocket. Think of all the other gear items you can pack along when your rain gear is basically the size of a grapefruit in your pack.

Now, no camo rain gear is complete without the rain pants. Cabela's matches their Quiet Pack jacket with Quiet Pack pants as well. Regularly priced at $180, these durable pants pack down to save space and keep you dry when you need it. For a combined price of $350, you're looking at a modest investment to fill your shopping cart.

Advanced Level

Alright, here we go. If you want to impress your wife or husband with how great you look in your jacket and rain pants, it's time to look like a pro. In my opinion, you have one real option when you are looking to be dry and functional at the same time. Over the last few years, Kuiu has entered the hunting scene in a big way. Their hunting gear is second to none and you also get unmatched customer service and an excellent return policy. When you pair this up in the form of rain gear, you just have a flat-out winner.

With Kuiu, you can get the Chugach Rain Gear Set for $550. That's $250 for the pants and $300 for the jacket. What you also get though is durable, vented, top-of-the-line camo rain gear. For extra protection, the seams are also taped so no rain can get in on through the cracks. If planning a hunt that requires lots of walking, climbing or otherwise extended physical activity, you want something breathable. This makes Kuiu your choice, hands down.

There are many options when it comes to waterproof camo patterns and options. These three, though, will handle just about anything. It all just depends what makes the most sense for you. I'm personally probably leaning towards the Kuiu at the top of my wish list. Well, until my wife finds out, and then I'll be using a trash bag with a hole cut out in the top for my head.

This post was originally published on August 22, 2018.