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The "Globster," a Mysterious Carcass That Puzzled and Frightened the Philippines

This 2-ton, hairy beast washed ashore and both puzzled and frightened locals in the Oriental Mindoro.

The world's oceans hold all sorts of mysteries and every so often, one washes ashore that ends up frightening people. Such was the case in the Philippines back in 2018 when a carcass washed ashore that can only be described as a "blob." Thus the name, "Globster." Photos and video of the find quickly hit the Internet and spread like wildfire as people all over the world speculated on the creature's origins.

"It has been told that when creatures from the deepest parts of the ocean start appearing, something bad will happen," Vincent Dela Pena Badillo said.

Residents in the area are worried about an impending earthquake or tsunami. Such strange carcasses have long been thought to be harbingers of impending disaster in many parts of the world. Here's a short video of locals checking out the strange beast after it washed ashore.

We can almost smell that carcass through the screen. It looks as if it was bloating and drifting for a long time before it wound up on shore. Eyewitnesses said the carcass was "hairy" and that it had an otherworldly smell to it. That's probably what fueled some of the speculation it was a monster. However, as is often the case, reality seems to disagree. Based on the size and shape of the creature, fishery biologists feel the carcass is that of some kind of whale, which they said they wouldn't be able to identify until further testing was completed.

A few years out from this incident, we are unable to find any news that states definitively what the carcass was. It must have been rather underwhelming, and likely a whale, for there to be no further developments. The hairy look about the animal is probably due to its deteriorating of the muscle tissue.

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