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18 Waters in the U.S. and Canada that Have Reported Mystery Lake Monsters


At least 18 different bodies of water in the U.S. and Canada have reported some kind of lake monsters swimming in their waters and we've got them all right here.

Since humans decided to paint on the walls of caves, make totem poles, or simply write it all down on paper they have found all kinds of monsters to report.

Those natives of North America that lived on or near the water found themselves having a front row seat to some of the most amazing sightings in history, and were bound to record them.

Between stories passed down from generation to generation and first-hand eye witness accounts, these are some of the most bizarre and astonishing things that people have seen swimming our lakes.

Here are the stories behind some of the most famous and bizarre things to appear out of the water.

1. Cold Lake- Alberta

Word has it that this deep lake in Alberta, that stays cold year-round, is home to a mammoth fish called the Kinosoo.

The Cree tell a story about a young warrior that set out to cross the lake to be with his betrothed when he was attacked.

The entire canoe was broken in two and pieces were found floating around the lake for days. The warrior was never seen again.

McNeil Life Stories
McNeil Life Stories

2. Thetis Lake- British Columbia

The Thetis Lake monster, a.k.a. the Canadian lizard man, was first reported on Vancouver Island in 1972.

The creature was seen by two teenagers who said they were chased by a five-foot humanoid reptilian with a large head covered by barbed spikes.

One of the boys suffered a gash on his hand as a result of being attacked by the monster.


3. Cameron Lake- British Columbia

"Cammie" has been sighted in this Canadian lake since the 1980s and even researchers are convinced that there's something down there.

Locals in the Vancouver Island area where it has been seen can't decide whether it's a fish, eel, or something else altogether.

One thing that they all agree on is that it's big.


4. Cadboro Bay- British Columbia

The "left coast" of Canada seems to be replete with unusual creatures, such as Caddy. Some reports say that the monster of the bay was first seen in the early 1900s.

Given the scientific name Cadborosaurus willsi, it's said to be a serpent-like animal over 50 feet long with the head of a horse and flippers.

In 1934, two duck hunters trying to retrieve a downed bird watched in horror as the beast rose to snatch it, snapped at some seagulls and submerged.

Daily Mail
Daily Mail

5. Raystown Lake- Pennsylvania

Reports here are of a Nessie-type creature in one the Quaker state's manmade reservoirs.

With sightings going back decades of a large creature with a long neck and a small head, there are plenty of reasons to believe one lives in Raystown Lake.

Raystown Ray
Raystown Ray

6. Fulk Lake - Indiana

A snapping turtle reportedly weighing in at a massive 500 pounds was discovered in 1898 and then seen again in 1948.

The second time around the gargantuan 'cooter' was seen by three people, including the farmer that owned the land.

Dubbed the Beast of Busco it was never found again despite numerous attempts to photograph it, even draining the lake.


7. Lake Willoughby- Vermont

Ever since 1868, when a report of a young boy killing a 23-foot-long water snake, reports of giant snake-like creatures in the lake have persisted.

Spotted by divers and people combing the shoreline, Willy may be simply a large species of eel or something else altogether.

Hub Pages
Hub Pages

8. Lake Simcoe- Ontario

The creature known as Igopogo is said to have a short body with the head and face of a dog.

Eye witnesses have stated that it likes to use the shoreline and will even lie in the sun for extended periods.

This slower-moving animal is speculated to be kin to the Irish crocodile or "Dobhar-chu."


9. Lake Manitoba- Manitoba

Native peoples of the region have long identified Manipogo as a 50-foot-long animal with a sheep-like head and a mane of hair.

People on the lake often see multiple humps undulating about in the water and have reported a large fearsome head.

In August 1962, the only known photo was taken from a boat by two veteran fishermen.

Winnipeg Sun
Winnipeg Sun

10. Lake Erie- NY, PA, Ohio, MI, Ontario

Since the late 1700s, sightings of the creature on the big lake known as Bessie have been ongoing.

People, mainly shipboard sailors, have reported seeing a huge snake-like animal with brownish eyes and silver scales the size of half dollars.

One report from a sailing vessel in 1892 described a huge sea serpent churning up a foam in the water as if it was fighting something, only to relax and show itself to be some 50-60 feet long with flippers and huge eyes.

11. Lake Superior- MI, WI, MN, Ontario

An unusual sighting in this lake, even on a list of such unusual things, is the ugly merman.

Since the 1700s, reports of a half-man half-fish "merbeing" have been coming in from around the largest of all the Great Lakes.

In 1782 a voyageur with an Ojibwe guide watched a strange finned creature swimming about 75 yards offshore that he described as having the upper body of a human being with a human face, brilliant eyes, and a dark complexion.

Odd Wisconsin
Odd Wisconsin

12. Muskrat Lake- Ontario

Witnesses say that Mussie is a 25-foot-long sea serpent living in the lake that has three eyes and prefers to tower over its prey just before going in for the kill.

More recent reports are of a large hump-laden animal with powerful fins seen throughout the 70s and 80s.

Ottawa Rickshaws
Ottawa Rickshaws

13. Lake Tahoe- Nevada, California

First reported by Native American tribes, the large serpent-like creature in the lake is said to be over 80 feet in length with multiple humps emerging from the water.

In the last 50 years, boaters and fishermen on the lake have seen and reported Tahoe Tessie many times, including one eyewitness report by police and divers in the area.


14. Lake Memphremagog- Vermont

Over the last 150 years there have been more than 200 sightings of the mysterious Memphre in this lake.

The creature is purported to have an elongated neck, small head, and a wide body with flippers similar to that of Nessie in Scotland.


15. Wallowa Lake- Oregon

This beast of the northwest is said to have a long body and horns on its head.

Native tribes were well aware of a creature living in the waters of this lake for many years.

A prospector in the 1800s crossing the lake in a boat described it as 110 feet long, having a large flat head, and bellowed like a cow.

You Tube

16. Crescent Lake- New Foundland

Referred to as "Woodum Haoot," or pond devil by Native Canadians, Cressie has a reputation for being a long eel-like animal that swims on the lake.

Two men in the 1950s trying to retrieve an "overturned boat" watched as it spun around and dove under the water.

In the 1980s two divers attempting to recover the body of a downed pilot were attacked by a school of unusually large eels and were forced to retreat.


17. Okanagan Lake- British Columbia

The name Ogopogo is synonymous with lake monsters in North America right next to Champ.

Described as a huge sea-snake over 50 feet in length and having a head like a horse, Ogopogo has been seen by humans since the 19th century.

In 1926, 30 cars full of people near Mission Beach all claimed to see the same large creature swimming in the lake.

Several grainy videos and numerous pictures have supported the sightings, but still proven nothing.

18. Lake Champlain- NY, VT, Quebec

One of the most famous of all lake monsters, Champ has been reported hundreds of times over many years.

Another of the Loch Ness Monster type of creatures, it is said to possibly be a leftover from the glacial age when Champlain was easily accessible from the Atlantic Ocean.

Most witnesses recall seeing a wide-bodied animal with a long slender neck and a head the size of a goat. It has flippers and moves gracefully, albeit quickly.

Champ has been ingrained into the local cultures as a real and unique, if not proven, species and is actually protected under New York and Vermont law.

Have ancient sea creatures survived and thrived in the lakes and waterways of North America?

Could these things simply be credible animals such as sturgeons, seals, or even large eels?

Perhaps these are some undiscovered species, shy and elusive but living right under our noses.

Since humans have lived in what we now call the United States and Canada they have been documenting stories about large creatures swimming in the water.

When you look at all the pictures and video it's hard to make a real call, isn't it?

I love this kind of stuff and truly feel that there are animals living in our world that we're just not aware of yet. But then their's the guy who said, "Hey look, it's Bigfoot. Let's get a video camera from 1975 and turn the focus off!"

That about says it all.


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18 Waters in the U.S. and Canada that Have Reported Mystery Lake Monsters