Glamping 101: Your Guide to a Glamorous Camping Experience

What could be more enchanting than rafting and eating s'mores in your favorite national park? Just ask any camper who's chosen to go glamping and they'll tell you! This hot phenomenon has got all the states in a stir, from Texas, to Montana, and all points beyond. We're here to tell you what it takes to go glamping, and why you're perfectly cut out for it.

What Is Glamping?

Simply put, glamping is a blend of the words that make up the phrase "glamorous camping". In the academic field of Applied Linguistics, this sort of blend is known as a portmanteau. Prominent examples of portmanteaus include the words "brunch" (formed by breakfast+lunch) and "motel" (formed by motor+hotel). Now, who ever guessed Applied Linguistics would eventually make its way onto a list of fun outdoor activities?

A true gestalt, those who prefer luxury camping experiences over just roughing it know that glamping equals more than the simple sum of its parts. While high-end glamping site additions such as inflatable hot tubs, luxurious sleeping bags, and tents rigged with en suite bathrooms are sure to enhance any traditional camping trip, glamping means much more than buying expensive outdoor gear.

At the end of the day, glamping is all about creating a unique experience and generating the sort of vibes that make any outdoor getaway that much more magical. As such, their are innumerable types of glamping to enjoy, all of which depend on glampers themselves.

Glamping Accommodations

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Any camping trip can easily be transformed into a 5-star glamping experience with the help of some fairy lights and other posh creature comforts like comfortable beds and private bathroom facilities. But at the heart of glamping, you'll often find deluxe shelters that are more than your usual primitive place to squat under canvas. Below are some tried and true glamping accommodations the initiated swear by:

  • Fantastic Facilities: Tree houses, airstream trailers, igloos, ice caves, RVs
  • Glamping Tents: Yurts, bell tents, tipis, safari tents, army surplus tents

Best Glamping Gear

There are tons of top ten lists floating around the internet that cover the best gear for glampers. But when it comes down to it, glamping has more to do with you and how you feel than good old fashioned American consumerism. This is just a humble reminder that there is no buy-in required for true glampers. While the accommodations listed above can doubtlessly help to create a glamorous vibe, they are by no means required for your own glamping trip.

Ultimately, nothing is more glamorous than following the outdoor code when camping:

"Leave no trace."

Or better yet:

"Leave it better than you found it."

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