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The West Rise State School in Britain is Teaching Kids to Shoot, Even Gut and Eat Pigeons

west rise school

The West Rise School in Eastbourne is getting kids ready for life in the best way possible, by teaching them to fend for themselves.

Kids are veritable sponges when it comes to learning, and when given the opportunity to try life lessons as important as how to find and prepare food, they take to them like fish to water.

Here's a group of kids absolutely absorbing this information with a style and charm that will make you head for the nearest PTA meeting screaming for this curriculum!

Watch this:

Certainly anytime something like this would or could be offered to children, it doesn't have to be mandatory.

Having said that, why not? If we deem physical fitness mandatory why not life skills such as finding, gathering, and preparing food? To often we leave it to individual parents to get their kids out there, (and they don't) or as Headteacher Mike Fairclough says in the video,

"The most dangeous thing you can do to a child is to not expose them to an element of risk and danger. We're about giving children real experiences; giving them a lust for life."

Since the children at this school have been learning multiple outdoor skills the West Rise School has gotten the best exam scores in their area, and has won the 2015 T.E.S. Primary School of the year award.

Not for nothing, but most of the kids in this particular school are learning to shoot which some of them call "life changing" and while controversial it "encourages discipline and responsibility"

Three cheers for Headteacher Fairclough, The West Rise School, and the Channel 4 News Facebook page for sharing this amazing story!

While there is a smattering of this in America, teaching these skills in U.S. schools is long overdue and it's time to change that.



The West Rise State School in Britain is Teaching Kids to Shoot, Even Gut and Eat Pigeons