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Proposal in New York Could Add Hunting and Fishing to Gym Class

New York assembly minority leader Brian Kolb has co-sponsored a bill to make hunting and fishing part of your high schooler’s gym class.

A bill that has been stuck in committee for the better part of a decade is now gaining steam in the New York assembly. If passed, the bill would empower the DEC to help create a curriculum for NY Phys Ed classes.

The NYS DEC has already contributed subject matter to some science classes, including ecology, recycling, and green energy, to name a few. So, why not also bring in their specialty, hunting and fishing?

Nowhere in the proposed bill is there any mandate to teach firearms safety, firearms use, or such a tasks as gutting deer, for instance, but there are other plans.

Classes, if approved, would include such basics as when the various hunting and fishing seasons are, what game and fish species can be taken, how to obtain a hunting or fishing license, and the history of hunting and fishing in the state of NY.

As with any curriculum in NY, schools would not necessarily require hunting the fishing classes; each school would be free to offer substitutes such as square dancing and yoga. (Really?)

Here’s hoping that most schools will offer the outdoor option! School systems that promote basic back-to-nature ideas for their students will certainly reap the benefits of having a better educated and more well-rounded student body.


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Proposal in New York Could Add Hunting and Fishing to Gym Class