winchester 1895 clogged with mud

How Well Did the Winchester 1895 Do in the Muddy Trenches in WWI? Let's Find Out

Russian troops used lever action rifles in the trenches during World War One.

How did those Winchester Model 1895s function with mud everywhere?

During World War One Russia bought 300,000 Winchester Model 1895 Rifles in 7.62x54r caliber. It along with the Mosin Nagant bolt action rifle saw lots of mud in those trenches.

How well does a Winchester Model 1895 Rifle do in muddy conditions? Ian gave one of these lever guns the mud treatment and fired all of the cartridges with zero malfunctions. Those rifles sure can shoot and survive bad conditions like champs.

Even though the Winchester Model 1895 Rifles proved their worth in the trenches ultimately bolt action rifles reigned supreme then and afterwords. Remember this test proves that lever action rifle you carry for big game is certainly not obsolete and will serve you well.