double barrel luger carbine

Frankengun Alert: The Double Barrel Luger Carbine

Sometimes you come across something that makes you ask, "Why...?"

That is certainly the case with a double barrel Luger Carbine. Witness the double barrel Luger Carbine that will puzzle you.

Youtuber Herbert Werle shared a video of a weapon like no other, a double barrel Luger Carbine.

First off it appears two highly collectible Luger weapons were butchered in the making of this Frankengun. Yes there is a tear in my eye. Second a scope is placed on this weapon will all knowledge that both barrels will impact in vastly different areas. The last is why is there a bipod on this? It is but a pistol caliber in the first place. This creation fits in a Mad Max movie and not on the gun range. I never would say that I don't like any weapon but this one comes really close.

Watch the end of the video as a passerby walks by. His completely lost look is how we feel about this double barreled abomination. Would you own one?