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Forgotten Weapons Checks Out the Luger Model 1902 Carbine

Luger Model 1902 Carbine

To many collectors, a Luger firearm is the most beautifully made weapon in history.

This Luger Model 1902 Carbine sure has some sweet lines. Feel free to gawk as Forgotten Weapons fills us in on everything there is to know about this incredible Luger Model 1902 Carbine.

The Luger Model 1902 Carbine is quite a weapon of beauty. This Luger Carbine, chambered in 7.65mm Luger cartridge, has an 11-inch barrel and a detachable shoulder stock. In the past, this would have allowed the weapon to be light and handy. Even Theodore Roosevelt had a Luger Carbine (he took it on his Amazon River expedition).

This quick-shooting little carbine was somewhat popular in the day, and we can see why after Ian's expert examination. For a collector, this one is a rare, sought-after piece.

A special thanks to Ian from Forgotten Weapons for showing us this beautiful piece of firearms history.

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Forgotten Weapons Checks Out the Luger Model 1902 Carbine