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Working out the Mosin Nagant Rifle with Hickok45 [VIDEO]

The Mosin Nagant rifle is the surplus military deal of this decade.

This large caliber rifle shoots cheaper surplus ammunition and will even down big game.

Hickok45 shares a video on the iconic Russian service rifle of the past. Check it out.

The Mosin Nagant rifle design is well over a century old and still going strong. Imported into the United States as military surplus these old Russian service rifles have found fans with American shooters.

This is largely due to the ruggedness of the rifle and the lower price they can be bought for.

7.62x54r surplus ammunition has flooded the market which offers the shooter a cheaper cartridge to fire. Did we mention that they are very accurate too?

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Working out the Mosin Nagant Rifle with Hickok45 [VIDEO]