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Video: What's Worse Than Standing on a Paddle Board Surrounded by 15 Great Whites?

If there is ever any words you don't want to hear as a paddle boarder, it would be these.

Paddle boarding seems like it would be a great time and very relaxing. Until, of course, helicopters from above urge you to get to shore because you are being followed by 15 great white sharks.

I could think of a million bad scenarios to happen on a paddle board in the ocean, but I am sure this one would still take the cake.

Watch the video below:

The Orange County Police in Southern California float above and urge these people to get to shore. The State Parks Department ordered authorities to inform these people because the last thing they need is a great white feeding frenzy.

It was reported that no one got hurt, but you know those sharks were viewing those boards as a nice snack, like in the old Twinkie commercials.

One comment on Facebook read, "This is what you get for being fit and active, I don't have any great whites swimming around my couch."

You are surrounded by 15 large great white sharks, please calmly leave the waters. Yeah, officer... Easier said than done!