fox vs. squirrel
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Squirrel Really Pushes Its Luck With Lazy Red Fox

A squirrel seemed a bit too complacent about wandering around the yard while a red fox laid on the grass lazily watching him.

This scene looks like something from a Christmas postcard. A deer, a red fox and a squirrel are all casually gathered around a bird feeder in someone's backyard. You can almost hear the happy music playing in the background.

The deer is munching the grass, the squirrel is curious and slowly bounding from spot to spot as squirrels do and the fox is just lazily soaking in the sun.

Or is he?

We should have known something was up just by watching the fox's body language. He perked up ever so slightly as the squirrel approached and, apparently, determined that ol' red was not a threat.

But, foxes don't have a reputation for being sly for nothing. This red fox simply bided his time until the squirrel turned its back, and then...BAM!

That was a pretty wicked attack. That deer seemed to be thinking, "Yup. I knew it. I told you to keep an eye on old red."

Nature is indeed a merciless environment.

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