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Do You Know the Sound a Baby Fox Makes When Being Rescued? [VIDEO]


You’d have to have a heart of stone not to be completely taken by the baby fox this couple found.

A man and woman saw this little pup walking alone along a muddy hillside washout. The side of its neck was caked with dried blood from where it had been bitten by some other critter.

Obviously something traumatic had occurred for a month-old fox kit to be wandering alone and wounded. The threat of rabies is a real fear in a situation like this, and the couple affirm that they’ve both had rabies shots.

As they discuss what to do the little kit squeaks and peers up at them with what I swear is a look of desperation and confusion, as though it is begging for help but is unsure of what the unfamiliar creatures before it might intend.

The couple finally decide that they will rescue the little kit. Wrapping it in a jacket to protect both the fox and themselves, the woman picks up the squeaking baby and holds it close.

Amazingly, as soon as the woman holds the pup to her chest it stops squeaking and calms right down.

The video skips to a scene back at home where the woman is feeding the kit. They share their intentions to stabilize the baby fox before turning it over to a wildlife rehabilitation center.

There’s a second video of the couple’s care for the young fox, and their final goodbye at the wildlife rehab center.

While handling any wildlife may be a risky proposition, hats off to this couple for their good deed.

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Do You Know the Sound a Baby Fox Makes When Being Rescued? [VIDEO]