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Bobcat Ambushes Mule Deer on Snowy Hillside

Ohio DNR

A hungry bobcat lies in wait as a mule deer climbs the side of a hill. When the deer is in range, the bobcat lunges onto its head and a battle ensues.

In this brief but dramatic incident a mule deer doe makes its way up a snow covered hillside only to be met by a desperate bobcat with bad intentions for the deer.

The deer struggles to work its way through the deep snow, which, even though there is a well worn game trail in place, requires some exertion to get through. When she reaches a lone tree a bobcat leaps at her, and she takes the fight to him.

The cat must have chosen the tree as “his” ambush spot, being that the game trail moved right past it before merging with the woods beyond.

As soon as the deer is within striking distance the cat pounces. It misses the deer and is thrown to the ground as the muley jumps back. But this deer is no wallflower. She turns to face the predator and charges straight at him.

He jumps and latches onto her head as she bucks like a rodeo bronc to try to shake him off of her face.

Unfortunately, a large semi-trailer rolls past our sight picture just as the action is at its most intense, and in that second the mule deer is bouncing down the hill with bobcat determinedly hanging on. As the truck passes she is able to throw the cat off and leaves him sitting in the snow, dazed and foiled in his attempt to secure his dinner.

The video indicates that this incident occurred on Fish Creek Pass in Idaho, which we’re assuming is in the southern or southeastern part of the state.

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Bobcat Ambushes Mule Deer on Snowy Hillside