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Mountain Lion and Mule Deer Buck Wrestle to the Death

Again we are witness to the dramatic life and death struggle that is nature.

Several hikers were fortunate to come upon a scene that very few people have the opportunity to witness.

A large mountain lion had attacked and clamped its fangs onto the face of a four-point mule deer buck. The deer was still very much alive and fighting when the hikers came upon the scene and began filming.

This first of two videos shows the battle several minutes from the initial attack by the lion, and from a somewhat distant vantage point by the hikers.

The hikers have gotten closer in the second video below, about 10 minutes into the fight. Both the deer and lion are clearly worn out at this point, but the big cat is determined and has not loosened its grip on the buck’s muzzle.

This is about as true to a “kiss of death” characterization as one can get. At about 1:30 the exhausted buck collapses and the lion violently goes for the throat.

The stirring scene took place in the Ranch San Antonio Open Space Preserve in Northern California.

It happened only 30 yards from a hiking trail, causing one to wonder what the encounter with the lion might have been had the mule deer buck not been there before the hikers arrived.

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Mountain Lion and Mule Deer Buck Wrestle to the Death