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Billy Berger Demystifies Photos of Bobcat Killing Deer


Will a bobcat stalk and attack large prey such as mule deer? If you have your doubts, this series of photos might have you rethinking your opinion.

Survivalist and primitive skills expert Billy Berger talks about a series of photographs taken by his brother. The photos show an adult bobcat attacking and taking down a small mule deer.

This might seem a bit unusual, given that bobcats, which are small in stature, are generally not known to attack and feed upon big game animals. But as the series of pictures shows, they will indeed prey on deer, especially smaller deer and will do so with incredible lethality.

Berger indicates that the photos were taken on a trail camera in October of this year in Colorado. A small group of mule deer are feeding in a barren field, meaning that the bobcat had no cover from which to make its stalk.

It must have slowly slinked its way toward the deer and then made a lightning-like move when the deer wasn’t looking. The fight must have been fierce, as clouds of dirt are everywhere, and the seconds that took place between the photographs show some dramatic movement between the two animals.

At one point the young deer seems to have almost escaped the bobcat’s clutches, but it looks like the cat has its claws firmly entrenched in the deer’s lower leg, making escape unlikely.

The final photo shows the bobcat presumable with its jaws locked tightly around the deer’s throat. Berger’s brother approached and the bobcat retreated, leaving the dead deer in the field.

It’s a shame that this encounter wasn’t able to be caught on video, but these photos tell the tale adequately and may surprise some who don’t think a small predator like a bobcat can take down and kill a deer.

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Billy Berger Demystifies Photos of Bobcat Killing Deer