Watch This Shotgun Fire 23 Rounds in Under Four Seconds

When it comes to rapid shotgun fire, this is just about as good as it gets!

If sport shooting and shotguns are what you dream about late at night, then you are going to love this video. This guy puts some mods to his shotgun in order to fire 23 rounds in just under 4 seconds!

Watch the video below to see this thing in action.

Pretty sweet, huh! While many firearm critics would argue that 23 shotgun rounds being fired that fast has no application in a real world scenario, I would strongly disagree. Having the ability to neutralize a threat in an effort to protect your loved ones is enough of a reason to understand that these types of firearms are needed more than people think.

As always, be sure to use proper gun safety techniques when handling firearms. Wear proper hearing protection and please, please, please do not point a weapon at anything you do not plan to shoot!

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