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You Laugh, You Lose: PETA's Absurd Anti-Hunting Video (We Lost)

anti-hunting video peta

PETA's silly anti-hunting video calls out hunters everywhere!

At some point, PETA has to figure out that these types of videos are likely to backfire. I think most outdoorsmen would agree that most people in the hunting world are all for the ethical treatment of animals. However, PETA's new anti-hunting video takes it to a whole new level by suggesting hunters "have it all wrong."

This video is extremely similar to their anti-fishing video, except not as bold in its approach.

View the video below and try not to laugh.

Lets do a recap of this absurd video just for fun.

So, here are PETA's top reasons as to why every hunter out there has it all wrong.

  1. Hunting causes pain and suffering.
  2. It isn't about conservation or population control.
  3. Hunting hurts dogs.
  4. It is unnecessary.

What do you think folks? Looks like the folks at PETA have embarrassed themselves once again. If they want the hunting community to take them seriously, they may need to start taking a different approach.

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You Laugh, You Lose: PETA's Absurd Anti-Hunting Video (We Lost)