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Top 5 Gear Essentials for Spending Your Winter Outdoors

When it comes to being able enjoy the winter season outdoors, these gear essentials will give you the edge you need!

Are you sick of hiding indoors all winter wishing for that snow and ice to thaw out? Well, knock it off! The folks at Rated Red have put together 5 gear essentials for getting out of that cabin and out into a winter wonderland near you.

View the video below to get the full scoop!

There you have it, folks. If you missed any of the 5 essentials, then don't panic. I have them listed below.

  1. Waterproof Boots
  2. Waterproof Matches
  3. Portable Weather Radio
  4. Hiking Poles
  5. Ice Axe

If you are getting out and enjoying the great outdoors this winter, remember to stay safe and always be prepared for the worst.

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Top 5 Gear Essentials for Spending Your Winter Outdoors