Deer Soccer Net
YouTube: Official Baltimore County Police & Fire

Baltimore County Cop Frees Deer From Soccer Net

This Baltimore County Police Office had a most interesting day at work!

It's not an easy job being a police officer. The hours are long and there's a ton of responsibility put on a cop's shoulders. We've all heard the "protect and serve" mantra many times before. However, while most of us think about an officer's duty being to humans, we sometimes forget they serve everyone.

That includes any wild animals that may be in distress.

Such was the case for a couple of Baltimore County, Maryland Police officers identified only as Officers Leroy and Moore. These two got a call about a buck who was tangled in a soccer net at Overlea High School.

There's never a dull day at work when you're in law enforcement! The department posted a video of the incident on their YouTube channel. Officer Moore was identified as the one doing the filming here while Leroy was the one who cut this young buck free with his knife. That buck got away with a little bit of a souvenir in the net hanging from his antlers!

This is the time of year when whitetail bucks typically drop their antlers before growing a new set. We're really surprised this buck's antlers didn't just pop free the second he started tugging on the net. It certainly would have been an easier rescue, although not nearly as entertaining.

Strangely, the phenomenon of bucks getting their antlers stuck in a soccer net is nothing new to us here at Wide Open Spaces. We've seen videos of humans having to come to the aid of bucks in this predicament before. Videos have also hit the Internet of bucks, elk and moose getting tangled in other weird things too. Stuff like volleyball nets, hammocks, Christmas lights, children's swings and more. If you can name it, it's likely a deer has gotten tangled up in it at some point!

We're glad to see this story had a happy ending. Well done Officers Leroy and Moore!

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