Alligator Pool
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Alligator Unexpectedly Joins Couple in a Florida Pool

An alligator in a pool? Only in Florida.

Alligators and human beings encounter one another more often than ever these days. With gators losing their habitat in some areas, they've adapted well to living with humans.

In some cases, maybe a little TOO well. Because they have a habit of slipping into swimming pools when people are not expecting them. Such is the case with this video. The big difference is the gator shows up while the people are in it!

This security camera footage captures the moment a couple enjoying a relaxing evening in the pool is interrupted by a gator who just wants to go swimming with them.

Wow, that guy just left his girl in the pool with the gator! We wonder if that relationship is still going after this incident...

While alligators in a pool are nothing new, we are surprised this one decided to plop in while there were still people swimming around like that. We do not think it was attacking, but it probably would not have been friendly to them either.

Generally, alligators tend to shy away from humans, but as you saw here, this one made a beeline for that poor woman and it seemed like it took a snap at her. We're not sure if that bite connected or not due to the quality of the video, but it was certainly a close call.

Talk about a nasty surprise to get while you're just trying to relax from a hard day at work. At least it appears no one was seriously injured and the internet got a hilarious viral video to laugh about for years to come.

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