Alligator in Lake Michigan Found By Kayaker

A kayak fisherman discovered an American alligator in Lake Michigan.

From the "wouldn't believe it unless you see it" file, a recent fishing trip turned into an alligator rescue mission for Chicago resident David Castaneda, who found this scaled reptile floating near Waukegan Harbor in Illinois Monday morning.

The City of Waukegan's Facebook page confirmed the report, and further news was released on the situation. Waukegan's Animal Control responded to Castaneda's 911 call.

The four-foot alligator had blue tape around its mouth, and has been relocated to Wildlife Discovery Center in Lake Forest. Investigations into whether it was illegally owned as a pet and released are expected.

"It was just so weird, something out of the ordinary," Castaneda said. "It's not supposed to be here, so it's not - it can't defend itself and it had its mouth closed, so it was going to die if I left it there."

Here's a video report with more.

There's no telling how exactly it got there, but an October climate in one of the Great Lakes isn't a good environment for a cold blooded reptile.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the alligator's condition will be assessed, but that it had certainly experienced a stressful time on the water.

Recent exotic animals discovered in the area include a 2012 Burmese python euthanizing and another alligator found in the Chicago River in 2010.