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Can You Spot the Disturbing Reptile Foot in This Photo?

FWC via Fox 13 News

At a routine checkpoint, two Florida Fish and Wildlife officers noticed something very, very weird in the dashboard of this truck: an alligator foot.

In the most Jurassic Park-esque news story ever, two FWC officers recently pulled over a truck to check for a day pass when they spotted an alligator foot sticking creepily out of the dashboard. And it wasn't just the foot they found.

The driver of the truck told the officers that he had killed the alligator a few years ago, but after sniffing the inside of the truck, the officers knew he was lying.

As it turns out, the man had poached the alligator only a few days earlier, which would explain the alligator parts just hanging out in his truck, and he had done so without a permit.

After giving him a citation, the officers took a photo and posted it to Facebook, using the opportunity to shine a light on illegal hunting and the consequences of such.

Either way, that is the creepiest alligator foot we've ever seen. Where's the weirdest place you've seen someone keep part of a harvested animal? We hope this takes the cake.


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Can You Spot the Disturbing Reptile Foot in This Photo?