Lufkin Police Dept/KXAN

Watch Texas Police Surround a Home, Only to Discover a Four-Legged "Burglar"

Guns drawn, these Texas police expected a criminal encounter. What they found instead is a whole lot easier to laugh off.

East Texas law enforcement officers encountered a wild scene earlier this week, and prepared for the worst. But beyond some property damage, things turned out alright for them, and the suspect they encountered in this alarm-triggered home.

The Lufkin Police Department received a call from a homeowner who heard breaking glass and feared a burglary. She was hiding in a closet when she called, and realized she didn't have her weapon on her.

Officers were concerned it was a break-in and hurried to the home, hoping to reach it before the owner's weapon ended up in the wrong hands.

A broken window greeted the squad, and one officer's chest cam captured the ensuing ordeal.

"It's a deer! It's a deer! Stand down!"

I'm betting there was a long sigh of relief, followed by another boost of adrenaline once the officers realized they were tasked with getting the distraught deer out of the house.

They eventually used chairs to guide the deer out the front door.

Disorientation for an ungulate that finds its way into a manmade building is no rare occurrence. When it does happen, outcomes range from quick and painless releases to utter devastation of the property and the deer.

If a deer somehow ends up in your home, it's best to contact experts to help with the situation. Though they don't always seem all that capable, a deer can do serious damage to themselves, a human, and their belongings.

In other words, don't instantly assume a burglary is ensuing if you hear broken glass!