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Deer Gets Stuck in Stairwell Inside New Jersey Home

A whitetail deer tries to make itself at home after breaking into a house in New Jersey and trapping itself in the stairwell.

This is not the type of package you might be accustomed to at the bottom of your stairwell, as these home owners in New Jersey were quite surprised at what they found last month.

This New Jersey family stared in astonishment as they helplessly watched a whitetail deer accompany them inside their house in Princeton. The deer had shattered a window and found itself inside the family's home. With a few minor cuts and scratches, the deer became disoriented and the family fled to another part of the house and attempted to reach out to authorities for help.

The small deer must have struck the glass window with incredible force to break through.

Animal Control, police, and firefighters eventually made it to the scene and successfully helped remove a basement door that then allowed the frantic deer to escape from the home. The manner in which the deer left the house was a sure sign that the scratches were minor and the deer was in good health.

These stories are always so interesting, because you never know what you might stumble upon in your home. The whitetail was reported to have fled to a nearby wooded lot after its exit.

The Princeton Police Department shared the events and video on their social media pages and then gave a public service announcement to the community for future reference.

"Should a deer wind up in your residence, retreat to a separate room and contact police immediately. The deer will be very afraid and you can be seriously injured as it tries to escape confinement."

When a wild animal enters your home, it is best to just keep your distance. Stay safe out there and try to avoid those deer trying to break into your home.