Deer Breaks Into Home to Hang Out in Bedroom

A Canadian homeowner finds an intruder of the four-legged kind.

A broken window is never a good sign to come home to. Your first thought is always an intruder, and nothing good can ever come from that.

For a Port Dover, Ontario homeowner, that "intruder" turned out to be a whitetail deer, one which had barricaded itself in a bedroom.

The Hobbitstee Wildlife Reserve and Ontario Provincial Police were summoned and collectively steered the confused deer to freedom.

Local news reports said there were no estimates on damage and it appears the deer was healthy and unharmed. Still, that would be enough to spook you out of your shoes if you weren't expecting it! The more news reports like this we hear, the more nervous we get it'll happen to us.

No one talks about it until it happens, but when a deer shows up in your living room, it automatically ranks among the top stories and starts to trend on a local news Facebook page. It's inevitable.

It's not like they're going to walk through the front door, so broken glass is almost always a result of a deer home invasion. It could happen anywhere, it doesn't matter if you live in the Midwest, down in Texas, or over in New Jersey.

But if something like this were to happen in your family's home, do you know what you would do?

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