Watch These People Save a Cat Frozen to the Ground

When there is a cat in need, there is a Russian couple nearby to save the day!

On November 21, 2016, a couple stumbled across a cat frozen to the ground.

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Sergey Baranov, a knife maker from Zlatoust, Russia and his wife Yelena, spotted the stray cat under their vehicle on one of the coldest days of winter.

"It must have got under the car in the evening, looking for a warm place, fell asleep and all its paws got frozen solid by the morning," said Sergey.

Check out the video of the cat rescue below:

It took a total of seven buckets of warm water to melt the ice gripping the cat's paws. As you can see from the video, the front paws were freed fairly quickly, but the back paws had sunk six centimeters into the snow which was frozen thick.

After the poor cat was released from the icy ground, Sergey wrapped the cat in a blanket while Yelena called the vet. Sergey posted an update on his social media:

"We called a vet who came right away and he did an anti-inflammatory shot. By the end of the day, the cat had started to walk. It looks very young, only seven to nine months. Three days later, after making sure the cat was all right, I posted an announcement on my page and a girl from our city said she wanted to pick it up. The cat lives has now lived at her house for a week and she says he seems to be fine. He runs and jumps around."

During the rescue, waiting for Yelena to return with another bucket of warm water, Sergey said, "Always check what's under your cars before you start the engine!"

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