Watch Over 150 Cars Form a Giant Christmas Tree

This yuletide flash mob was one for the record books.

Watch roughly 160 cars take part in the spectacle in Chita, Russia, including two popular automotive enthusiast groups and more than 10 different police forces.

This flash mob was a successor to a slew of impromptu Christmas-themed shapes created by other car communities in 2016, including a giant snowman, snowflake, and a smaller Christmas tree. A lot was learned from the previous attempts, with 2017's undertaking resulted in far fewer headaches.

After a full day of planning and organization, the cars were arranged over the course of two hours into a variety of shapes: two snowflakes, one Christmas tree, and one star-shaped tree topper.

Once the arrangement was complete, all the cars flipped on their hazard signals to create a light show unlike any other.

2018 may bring even larger and more intricate designs.