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Want to Spice Up Your Archery Practice? Check Out This Rinehart Woodland Buck Target

buck target

Looking to buy a new target? Rinehart has your back, and the Woodland Buck target might be the ticket.

Is realism on an archery target essential? No. But is it a nice thing to have? Very much so. That, along with many other factors, is what has catapulted the Rinehart targets into the standard for targets in my mind and so many others.

In preparation for this archery season I have been shooting Rinehart targets and have loved them. Specifically, the Woodland Buck Target.

Buck Target

Super realistic, easy arrow removal, high quality to withstand multiple shots and weather wear and tear, incredibly lightweight, and it conveniently breaks down for packing and moving. A really solid target that will last anyone a long time.


Most targets I have ever owned or shot simply had a vitals area, maybe with a few lines showcasing the heart, lungs, and liver. But once you get to distances beyond 30 yards, it all begins to blend into just an "area." One of the downfalls of deer targets, to me, is that you don't usually have a specific aim small target area to shoot for.

So, personally, I would lose focus and just aim at the vital area. Not pinpointing a location to hit, so when you hit the target, you weren't entirely sure how far from the exact location your arrow was. And then you settle for where the placement was and become happy you hit the vitals. Pretty much throwing the motto "aim small, mis small" out the window.

That is why the vital area realism on this target is so great to me.

buck targetbuck target

As you can see, the vitals area on this Woodland Buck from Rinehart is very detailed. The curves and crevices give you a detailed impression that you can see from longer ranges than one you could see with just lines. Why do I like that so much? It allows you to focus on an exact focus point when shooting instead of a "general" area like I mentioned earlier.

For example, the indention of the heart on the Woodland Buck is very distinct, allowing you to hone in on it when shooting, which gives you an opportunity to aim small and miss small. Which will then give you better confidence and accuracy come season once that big buck steps out.

This video is by no means how all my groups look, but it happened to work out just right for the video. From 25 yards, you can see where the heart meets the lungs very vividly, which allowed me to pick a spot to focus on.

If only every group could end up like this. Ready to let the air out of something this fall.Rinehart Targets#vitals #detailed #aimsmallmisssmall

Posted by CB Outdoors on martes, 29 de agosto de 2017

I simply can't express how awesome this side of the target is. I feel like it could be very beneficial for any hunter to get you ready for the moment that trophy buck steps out in range this fall.

Foam Insert

There are many great things about the foam insert on the Woodland Buck Target. The double sided vital areas allows you two sides to pump arrows into. Meaning a longer lasting target area.

But, the technology behind that Rinehart targets makes that virtually unnecessary. The material that the Rinehart targets are made of are self healing. So when you make a shot and pull the arrow, the foam fills itself in and over time looks as if the buck had not even been shot. You can somewhat see this take place below.

Rinehart Targets self healing material is perfect for any archer. Shots on shots, your target with last a loooong time!

Posted by Ultimate Outdoors on martes, 29 de agosto de 2017

An awesome feature for sure, but between the self healing technology and two sides, you are sure to get your money out of the Woodland Buck target. Built to last, any archer will have this target for a very long time because of this foam insert.

Between that and the detailed of the vitals area, this target is a no brainer for bow hunters who put a lot of preparation into their hunts. If you ever, somehow, shot the insert so much that it wasn't capable of any more arrows, you can simply buy a replaceable insert, rather than a whole new target.

buck target

Lightweight and Easy Assemble/Breakdown

I am on the go constantly. Just a busy person, I guess--this target is perfect for that. Surprisingly super light, you can easily grab this target with one hand and move with ease. It breaks down into a few pieces, that are just as easy to put back together as they are to take down.

Great target from Rinehart. Easy takedown, lightweight, and need one!

Posted by Illinois Deer Hunting on martes, 29 de agosto de 2017

It is pretty amazing to witness the durability of the target, but yet feel how light the target is when moving it. This holds true for the Woodland Buck specifically as it is a  rather small target at just 30" tall and 29" long.. At first I didn't like that characteristic of it, but it has come in extremely handy when moving the target to the garage or tossing it in the back of the truck when I take it to shoot other places.

buck targetbuck target

As you can see, fitting in the back of truck is an easy task. And the takedown is as simple as they come. The two piece design doesn't leave and awkward packing situations. These aren't things that usually come to mind when looking into buying a target, but I can assure you, they are nice things and features to have once you start using the Woodland Buck day in and day out as you prepare for the upcoming season.

What Are You Waiting For?

All in all, I am more than pleased with the Woodland Buck Target. I have shot many, many targets over the years. But, it is safe to say I will be on the Rinehart train from now on. Targets that are worth every penny they cost. If you want to give the targets a chance before you make a purchase, check out some of the R100 Rinehart traveling circuits in which you can shoot on tons of different species targets from Rinehart.

Make sure to check out the Woodland Buck Target here if you are interested in buying one for yourself.

Shoot straight and best of luck this hunting season!


Want to Spice Up Your Archery Practice? Check Out This Rinehart Woodland Buck Target