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ATA Show 2016: Rinehart Targets First 3D Decoy Will “Blow” You Away

Photos by Alex Burton

Rinehart is expanding from targets as they unveil their first 3D decoy, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Rinehart is well known throughout the archery world for their amazingly tough and realistic 3D targets. With all their success and knowledge, it looks like they are ready to step up into another venue of the hunting industry: game decoys.

They decided to release their new Doloma series 3D decoys to the public at this year’s ATA Show in Louisville, Kentucky. This innovative 3D decoy uses lifelike size and with a little help of the wind, multiple movement points to to help draw that big buck in close.


The entire deer decoy is made from Quiet Rinehart Foam technology, bringing its weight down to an astonishing eight pounds. This easily puts it as one of the lightest full size decoys on the market.

Assembly is super simple as well, and is said to only take five to 10 minutes at most in the field. Just pull it from the provided bag, snap in both legs, neck, and finally the head before sitting it atop its pivoting stake.

The coolest part about these decoys is that a slight breeze with allow its entire body to swivel along with two other pivot points on the neck and head. The motion looks very smooth and natural, giving this decoy a very realistic edge over stationary 3D decoys.

Their decoy line won’t end with only this doe; they told me they also have a buck, antelope, and coyote that will be available as well.

The Rinehart Doloma series decoys will be available this April. Pricing is expected to start near the $100 for the coyote and move up into the $200 range for the deer and antelope.

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ATA Show 2016: Rinehart Targets First 3D Decoy Will “Blow” You Away