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Want Free Land to Hunt and Farm? The Yukon is Calling…

Yukon Territory

If you’ve been looking for land to hunt, Canada may have your answer.

You read that right. Free land to hunt and farm could be yours. And it’s not just any land either. The Canadian Yukon has some of the best hunting real estate known to man.

So, what’s the catch? Canada is undergoing efforts to attract farmers to northern parts of their country. These new small farmers are being enticed with calls of free land.

Rising temperatures have led to longer growing seasons. These longer growing seasons allow for more versatility with crops. At least that’s what the Canadian government is hoping.

According to reports, the Yukon covers more land than countries like Germany, Belgium, and Denmark. However, only 40,000 people call the area home.

So how much land is at stake? Residents can apply for as much as a free 160 acre plot. There are a few stipulations, but not many. Those stipulations include that the new owner must pay for all required surveying, agree to make investments in the property, and meet a few other small conditions.

Recipients of the land must own and operate the property for a minimum of seven years before they’re eligible to sell it.

On average the Canadian government has given out around 10 parcels through the program each year. The program has actually been in existence since 1982 with many of the recipients choosing to grow vegetables, hay, livestock and other products.

Many new applications are being considered for this year. Have you submitted yours yet?

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Want Free Land to Hunt and Farm? The Yukon is Calling…