Victory for Sportsmen as Another Public Lands Selloff Bill Dies

A Nevada Congressman had sponsored the bill to sell off millions of acres of public lands.

No public support. If that's not a clear signal that sportsmen and women are fed up with the idea of selling off public lands, I don't know what is. Nevada Congressman, Mark Amodei, had introduced a bill which included a massive land sell of during the state's last congressional session. Unfortunately for Amodei, the bill looks to be dead. The Reno Gazette-Journal cites no public support as the reason for the failed bill.

The original proposal of H.R. 1484 included two phases. The initial phase would have sold off 7.3 Million acres throughout the state. Phase two included millions of additional acres. According to the report, "the bill called for non-exempt lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management, Forest Service, and Bureau of Reclamation to be, 'conveyed upon request by the state or local governments'."

The bill did not survive the last Congressional session. Backers had hoped Amodei would re-introduce it a second time. However, he was not able to generate public support.

Many other state and federal land sell of bills have failed lately as well. Many in the outdoor and hunting industries have played a significant role in sending a clear message to our politicians as of late. Popular figures of the industry like Cam Hanes, Steven Rinella, and others have been champions of the movement. But it's public involvement by all sportsmen and women that help ensure the safety of our favorite outdoor pastimes. Hashtags like #KeepItPublic can be found all over social media channels.

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