bush pilots short landing

The Shortest Airplane Landing EVER

There are skills, then there are bush pilots' skills.

Piloting an airplane takes some serious skill. Understanding weather patterns, air flow, speed and a million other variables and how they all effect what you're doing is no easy task. Being able to instantly process all of that information and provide a safe trip is something we all envy. It's also no secret that some of the best pilots in the world are bush pilots.

Bush pilots take all of those other elements into account, add in rough terrain, short (or non-existent) runways, wildly varied air flow and somehow make the trip look effortless. Take this video for example. This pilot is nothing short of a miracle worker. For a second, my mind had a hard time processing just how this plane is airborne.

See for yourself.

The pilot's name is Jon Bush. His plane is an SQ12, but it could just as well be a helicopter. I'm pretty sure his wheels didn't turn at all during that landing. Now if we could just figure out how he plans to take off.

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