VSSL First Aid Mini
Travis Smola

VSSL Announces New First Aid Mini Kit Perfect for Wilderness Adventure

VSSL just introduced a newer, slimmer first aid kit.

During your outdoor adventures it is important to have first aid handy because you never know when you may need it. Whether you are patching up small wounds or treating something that could be more serious, a quality first aid kit is essential.

VSSL are the Canadian makers of the Camp Supplies and First Aid flashlight kits we reviewed earlier this week. We came away impressed by the quality of these kits and the plethora of useful items they crammed into them. Well, VSSL just announced another addition to their lineup of gear, the slightly smaller and more compact VSSL First Aid Mini.

Here is the lowdown on this new first aid kit and what we thought of one that was sent to us for review.

Smaller and lighter

VSSL First Aid Mini

Travis Smola

While VSSL has a great product in their flashlight kits, VSSL founder Todd Weimer apparently wanted a product that was even sleeker and lighter. Something that will be easy to stash in a glovebox or in a through-hiker's backpack.

"The First Aid Mini is an indispensable first aid kit you can take everywhere and count on when you need it most," Weimer said in an emailed press release. "We wanted to create something that was easy to carry, yet completely reliable and durable. We relied on expert advice from local emergency first responders, who helped us select only the first aid supplies that will be the most essential and useful from your backyard to the backcountry and everywhere in between."

The result is a kit that is the same diameter as the flashlights, but only measures 6.75 inches and weighs 9.9 ounces. You can see the comparison in sizes in the photo I took above. The mini kit is in the middle. The canister is made from military-grade aluminum and houses three tins containing the specially selected first aid gear.

The essentials in a high-quality package

VSSL First Aid Mini

Travis Smola

We were fortunate enough to be sent an early review sample of the VSSL First Aid Mini and we are happy to report that the canister for this kit feels as solid and well-made as the flashlights. If you are looking for a quality kit that can take some abuse, this is it. This version does not have the flashlight or compass of the other models, but that does not make it any less useful. Both ends screw off for easy access and there is a rubber gasket that will help ensure everything inside stays dry no matter what conditions you are dealing with.

Of course, a first aid kit is only as good as its contents, which we are happy to say are solid. With a smaller kit, there is less room for supplies, but it is amazing how much VSSL was able to pack into this kit. One feature we like is that they went with the small, screw top tins to hold and organize the contents. Their flashlight first aid kit uses a roll, which while it is effective, it is also tougher to pack back into the canister when you are done using it. The tins eliminate that problem effectively.

Once we opened the kit, we were pliantly surprised to find antibiotic ointments, burn cream and antiseptic wipes. Those should help with cleaning and disinfecting most small wounds encountered in the woods or on the water. These are things we can actively see ourselves using the next time we pick up some scrapes or cuts in our outdoor adventures.

There are not as many bandages in this kit as the flashlight kit, only two regular bandages and two knuckle bandages. That is not a knock against the kit though. We see this as a lighter kit you would throw in a day pack for a trip to the local reservoir fishing or for a light day hike in a National Forest.

VSSL First Aid Mini

Travis Smola

Speaking of hiking, this kit includes six blister pads. Your feet will thank you while breaking in that new pair of hiking boots. For slightly more serious wounds, they included a 3M closure strip that will help stop the bleeding on a bad cut. They also included two disposable thermometers, which in the age of Covid-19, may be more important than ever before.

Another tin included in the kit manages to squeeze in a pair of nitrile gloves, a tiny sewing kit, a razor blade and an emergency whistle. These are the same items found in both the first aid and camp supplies kits and they are of solid quality. Probably the most useful thing I found in that tin was the tiny pair of fine point tweezers. Who among us has not gotten a bad splinter or had to pull an insect sting outdoors but had nothing to do it with until we got home?

As I mentioned in the last review, one thing I always look for in first aid kits are pain medicine. Because you just never know when a headache is going to strike. VSSL included eight tablets with this kit of both ibuprofen and acetaminophen. They are not name brand this time like the flashlight first aid kit, but that is not a big deal to me. They likely came from the exact same factory after all. I am happy to see they included them because most first aid kits do not. Score another point for VSSL.

The bottom line

VSSL First Aid Mini

Travis Smola

The VSSL First Aid Mini is simple, sleek and compact. This kit is designed to cover the essentials without taking up a ton of space. This one would be ideal for ATVs or snowmobiles because the small size will easily fit into a small seat storage compartment or glove box. This would be a great kit for a small boat. It would also be perfect for kayaking or canoeing because space is always at a premium in those craft.

If you are a hunter or a fisherman, this will easily fit into your hunting bag or tacklebox without taking away too much precious space for your other gear. When the time comes, you will be glad you have it.

This kit is perfect for hikers because of the small, light size. If you are doing a trek into the backcountry, every ounce counts when packing. This kit will give a little extra peace of mind without being detrimental to vital pack space. Overall, the VSSL First Aid Mini is another winner and you'll go into your outdoor adventures more confident knowing that you are prepared for whatever nature throws at you.

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