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Video: Is This $1,000 Survival Kit Worth the Huge Price Tag?

Is this $1,000 survival kit possibly worth it?

Most people have been making their own survival kits for years. But now there are lots of pre-made kits and bags starting to flood the market. The Crazy Russian Hacker on YouTube has made quite a few videos un-boxing and testing the various gadgets put in these kits.

Today he's un-boxing a $1,000 survival case meant for four people. But does the equipment inside justify the huge price tag?

The upside for this case seems to be in the extensive first aid supplies, which are pretty impressive. The downside looks to be the tools, which seem to be on the cheap side. Only one case of matches and a few lighters seems to be a bit of a disappoint for fire starting supplies when you consider the size of this kit.

On that same note, there is nothing at all for boiling water or cooking food in this case. If you're not a fan of cold MREs, this may not be for you.

The tents and sleeping bags are a nice addition you don't see in many kits, and could be a life-saver in cold weather. But we're not so sure this kit offers as much value over the much cheaper $200 survival bag Taras looked at a while back.

One big advantage this case offers over that bag is the fact they included batteries for the headlamps. The $200 bag was, strangely enough, devoid of batteries. That rendered the lights useless unless you opened the bag ahead of time.

So what do you think? Is this kit worth the $1,000 price tag? Or would you be better off putting something together on your own?