Volvo Cars Set to Have Google Maps Built In

Volvo's next-generation infotainment system, Sensus, will sport Google Maps and built-in assistant to make driving distraction-free.

Volvo has been making major strides with its newer models, technology, and plans for electric big rigs. Now the automaker is partnering with the tech giant Google to install Google Maps, Assistant, and Play Store into its next generation models soon to debut.


Hey, Google, Turn Up The Volume

According to PC Mag, Volvo's Sensus infotainment system will run on Android and use the Google Maps and Assistant systems to add to the tech package of the new models. The aim here is to make road trips and daily commuting for Volvo drivers more streamlined and entertaining.

The Assistant will provide services like controlling the air conditioning, playing music, using apps, and sending messages. Altogether, tying Google Maps and the other tools into one system will help to reduce distraction and allow the driver to be in control without sacrificing attention.

The soon-to-be-released Sensus system will offer up real-time traffic information thanks to Google Maps. Butt load of traffic up ahead? You'll get a notification and be able to re-route. Volvo, while excited to get this out to the masses, is set to debut these features in due time. Volvo says the first Android-based system will hit the streets in a couple years (a little ambiguous). In the meantime, this gives Volvo time to continue to enhance the system, by which time Google Maps may be integrated into a number of vehicles.

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