Volkswagen Announces Its Plans for a New Crossover in the U.S. Market

The crossover segment is getting bigger by the minute—VW recently announced that a new subcompact crossover is on its way to the American market.

And no, it's not the T-Roc. Many have speculated—and hoped—that the T-Roc would be brought here from across the pond after it debuted late last year, but VW has a new crossover in the works, according to Bloomberg.

Internally, it is known as the "Volks-SUV." Which, in German, translates to the "people's SUV."

Of course, this isn't the vehicle's official name, as "the production car won't have that name - because it turned from a regional project into a global project," states Juergen Stackmann, VW sales chief. As of yet, Volkswagen has not revealed this information.

VW showed a teaser for the Volks-SUV at its annual press conference in March, but since has been pretty quiet on the front.

This new model will be slightly smaller than the Tiguan, and it will be constructed with the MQB platform.

The Volks-SUV will be first introduced to the China market in August, and then it will start production in Argentina, Mexico, and Russia in 2020.

"We have high expectations for this car," Herbert Diess, head of Volkswagen AG, said in a speech earlier this month. "The goal is to sell 400,000 Volks-SUVs per year."

Word is that the expected profit made from the Volks-SUV will in turn help fund VW's plan for electrification.

Considering VW aims to increase its SUV lineup to 20 models by 2020, we can expect to see more debuts just like this one in the coming months—some of them potentially being of the electric nature, or at the very least hybrid.

"In almost all regions we will almost double our SUV offerings by 2020," Diess comments.

With statements just like this stemming from nearly all brands, the crossover and SUV segments are easily the most popular and sought-after not only right now, but in the near future.