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Viral Video Shows Moose Just Wanted a Pat on the Head

Apparently the moose in New Brunswick, Canada, can be really friendly and this proves it.

Marc Thibodeau posted a video that you have to see to believe. He was relaxing in an area of forest near Bathurst, New Brunswick, when a cow moose wandered in to see what he was.

Luckily for the rest of us, Thibodeau took out his phone and began recording.

Here’s what it looks like to have your own pet moose for a minute. Don’t ever try this!

In the video, Thibodeau says this is about a week after moose season ended. Well, isn’t that just hunting in a nutshell?

His reaction is as unique as the video when he says, “Holy smokes, I would never think I’d be pattin’ a moose in the middle of frickin’ nowhere.”

Some might say the moose is sickly because it looks a bit thin, but don’t forget, wild animals don’t get three square meals a day like most humans. There could be wrong with the animal’s health, but we would like to think it’s just a friendly moose with sense of humor.


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Viral Video Shows Moose Just Wanted a Pat on the Head