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Have a 9-Foot Yellow Anaconda in Your Yard? Call This Woman

Leon County detective Emily Shaw can handle a yellow anaconda like a pro! Here's how you wrangle a huge exotic snake.

The Leon County Sheriff's Office posted a video of its veteran detective as she went into the field to lock up an escapee.

The only difference is that this slithering felon turned out to be a 9-foot-long yellow anaconda!

Watch as one intrepid professional law enforcement officer takes her job to the next level, bagging a huge reptile without breaking a sweat.

MUST SEE VIDEO!!! Our Detective Emily Shaw got an unusual call yesterday, but one she was equipped to handle. Detective Shaw has experience handling exotic snakes. Watch as she captures what is now confirmed as a 9 foot long Yellow Anaconda, found on the east side of Leon County, near Louvinia Drive. We believe this was someone's pet that either escaped or was released. If you own an exotic pet- please be responsible. Make sure their cages are completely secure and if you decide you no longer want it, DO NOT release it into the wild. Instead, contact Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Thanks Detective Emily Shaw for really being #ALLin

Posted by Leon County Sheriff's Office on Thursday, October 12, 2017

Thanks to the Leon County Sheriff's Office and Detective Shaw for the stunning video! The county sheriff has reminded everyone in the region this was most likely a pet that escaped or was released.

They're asking people to be responsible in securing cages and to never let an exotic pet like this go into the wild.

Anyone who no longer wants such an animal should contact the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.


Have a 9-Foot Yellow Anaconda in Your Yard? Call This Woman