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Check Out the African Bullfrog That Can Eat Everything

african bullfrog

Here's a monster African bullfrog that can eat pretty much anything. Keep your hands away from the screen while you watch this.

An African bullfrog will eat poisonous snakes, scorpions, deadly giant centipedes and weird red crabs.

While it would be nice to watch this amazing creature devour its prey in the wild instead of a box inside somebody's house, it's still incredible to see it take care of some things that we all take for granted as being deadly.

Click play and then step back a little:

Posted by 7POST - JAPAN on Thursday, September 28, 2017

If you can get past the bad music and the fact somebody is feeding that monster things that it probably wouldn't eat in the wild, it's a pretty cool and freaky video.

The African bullfrog really is a voracious and dominating feeder that actually has some very sharp teeth.

My only question is where did they get all those insane things they fed to the frog? You can't just walk over to the pet store and pick up a deadly black scorpion...can you?


Check Out the African Bullfrog That Can Eat Everything