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Driver Hits Deer, Tries to Coax it Back to Life

This poor guy just hit a small deer with his car and just can't decide if it's dead or not. What he says to it will leave you smiling.

Warning: the commentary supplied by the poor guy that just hit the deer is pretty comical!

This is obviously a big-hearted man that would just like this deer to stop acting dead and get up.

Here's what it's like to try and talk to a deer that's obviously faking it:

Guy hit young deer with car...funny commentary..I didn't even hit you that hard, get up. lol

Posted by Take A Kid Hunting on Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Any of us that have hit a deer before will walk up to it in the same way. I've personally walked up to deer that are dead and I've also seen them get up and run.

Obviously that fawn was in its death throes, but that nice man still wanted it to make a comeback!

He just couldn't decide for sure if he was alive, and the comical commentary he left for us was both fun and completely understood. Nobody wants to hit and kill a deer with their vehicle, but if you ever do remember that you can't talk your way out of it!


Driver Hits Deer, Tries to Coax it Back to Life