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Deer vs. Motorcycle: Be Alert Or This Could Happen to You

deer vs motorcycle

Even though this dirt bike rider wasn't hurt, this deer vs. motorcycle hit will remind you of one of the dangers of riding.

Luckily this rider was able to get up and ride away unhurt, but as you will see in the video, this kind of situation happens before you can think.

Even though this looks like a fairly rural area, it can happen anywhere, as deer-vehicle collisions are a part of life in deer country.

Here's the eye-opening video:

Dirt Bike VS Deer

I am beginning to think that the wildlife don't like us bikers. First opportunity they get, they hit us, jump at us - run at us..Oh and both were ok in the video - even though he didn't bother to check...

Posted by Manx-Haven on Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Thankfully, this guy seemed to be all right, but that's an eye-popping experience for any rider.

He certainly took that corner too far on the inside, but that's not why he hit the deer. Was it because he wasn't paying close enough attention? You make the call.

Deer can come out of anywhere at anytime. It behooves cycle riders more than any drivers to stay alert.


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Deer vs. Motorcycle: Be Alert Or This Could Happen to You