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Deer Crossing Close Calls Caught On Camera [VIDEO]

Check out this video collection of deer crossing close calls along a highway in Germany.

The video was taken from roadside cameras that are used in a traffic program that's designed to reduce deer crossing collisions. The highway shown in the video is notorious for deer accidents, so two safety fences were installed on both sides of the road. When the deer jump the fence, they trigger a sensor that relays a signal to a flashing road sign, which alerts motorists to deer crossing. The video's description says the program has reduced deer crossing collisions by 80 percent. In the video, you'll see some very close calls with motorists and deer.

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According to State Farm Insurance, there are approximately 1.4 million animal-car collisions in the US every year, and many of them are deer crossing collisions. Most deer car collisions occur during November, when deer mating is in high gear and deer hunting season begins. The states with the highest amount of deer car collisions include West Virginia, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Kansas. The state where motorists of least likely to get into a deer crossing accident? Hawaii.

How often do you encounter deer crossings? Have you ever collided with one in your vehicle? Share your thoughts below.

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Deer Crossing Close Calls Caught On Camera [VIDEO]