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Video: What's in This $200 Survival Bag?

This survival backpack has almost everything you could need.

More and more people are thinking about and constructing their own bug-out or survival bags these days. In turn, markets are starting to produce ready-to-go packs to fit those needs.

That's exactly what the Crazy Russian Hacker checks out in this video. Not only does he unbox this $200 survival bag, but he also puts many of the items to the test.

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We have to agree with him that the lack of batteries is a little concerning. Not everyone will open a pack like this prior to an emergency, thus rendering the flashlight and lantern useless. But this bag does appear to cover most of the bases for short-term survival. The bag looks roomy enough you could add a few items to make it perfect based on what you think will be your greatest needs in an emergency.

You don't even have to be worried about an apocalyptic SHTF scenario to consider putting something like this together. As we've all seen in the last couple years, natural disasters can make a kit like this useful in a hurry.

If you simply don't have the time to put together a bag like this yourself, this one definitely seems like a good option if you want to be prepared for anything!