Glock 43X
Hickok45, YouTube

Video: Watch Hickok45 Give the New Glock 43X a Try

Hear Hickok45's expert opinion on the new Glock 43X

Glock handguns announced their new Glock 43X back in January at Shot Show and ever since then we've been waiting to hear what YouTube gun guru Hickok45 has to say about it.

After all, he's a huge fan of Glocks and if anyone knows if this new handgun is worth the money, it will be him.

Is it worth upgrading to the 43X? Or is the 43 the gun to stick with for now? Find out in the video below.

While he says this Glock doesn't fit into a niche that he himself would use, he at least seemed to give the Glock 43X a better review than he did for the 19X about a year ago.

We can't say we like the idea of an all-new magazine design that isn't compatible with older models, especially when Glock set the standard of making magazines compatible across a variety of models for so many years.

Still, this firearm is probably a viable option for anyone looking for a 9mm that is a little bit larger in physical and magazine size than the 26. It really all depends on what you're looking for in a concealed carry firearm. We recommend going to your local gun shop and test firing all the different models you can before you make your decision.

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