Tim Wells
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Video: Tim Wells Sticks Blowgun Longnose Gar Record

Of course Tim Wells set the longnose gar record with a blowgun.

This should come as no surprise to anyone, as Tim Well of Relentless Pursuit is widely recognized as the king of unconventional hunting. The guy has shot doves out of the sky in Argentina with a bow. He's shot big-game African animals with blowguns. He can spear hunt with the best of them.

Something about him drives him to get the job done differently that anyone else, and generally in a more challenging way. So, why wouldn't he try to shoot a fish with a blowgun?

In this clip, he makes his way back to the Trinity River in Texas with the hope of landing a big gar.

The Trinity is known for producing some of the best gar fishing in the United States, but most locals are accustomed to seeing bowfishermen, not blowfishermen.

Watch this video from the Tim Wells Bow Hunter channel:

It's pretty normal for someone to pull a 3- or 4-foot alligator gar from the Trinity, although it's usually a product of some handy rod-and-reel fishing.

In some areas of the river, bowfishermen will flood hot spots trying to shoot alligator gar as they breach the surface.

This is much different. Not only do we have a different method of fishing, but we also have a different fish.

Anyone familiar with gar will tell you this is no slouch of a longnose. This thing would break records in most freshwater fisheries, regardless of the method.

Congrats to Tim on a great fish, and here's to waiting for his next crazy idea!