gator charge

Video: This Guy Reels in a Bass Only to Get Charged By a Hungry Gator

Bass fishing is supposedly a low-risk sport. Not so much at this Florida pond.

There's nothing that will get your full attention quicker than a large gator charging full steam up the bank at you. The fact that it steals the bass on the end of your line during the chaos is pretty much a slap in the face.

The angler in the following clip found out the hard way that Florida ponds can be a tad bit dangerous to cast a line into. As you're about to see, this hungry gator went from zero to a hundred in no time at all, undoubtedly scaring the daylights out of this fella in the process. (Personally, I would have ran a country mile the second that dinosaur broke water!)

Here's the crazy video:

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That was quite the charge, wasn't it? Talk about 'topwater' action!

We hope this guy wasn't tossing an expensive lure, because between that and the new underwear he'll be needing, it might end up being a costly day of fishing.

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