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Make Way for This Gator and His Fish on the Fourth Hole

gator angler

This gator is a better angler than all of us. Pity he doesn’t practice catch and release.

We’ve seen our fair share of golf course gator stories over the past year. These impressive reptiles seem at home on fairways and greens, but for the most part, the only action we see captured is them lounging or lazily strolling about. This video is a bit different.

Filmed on a golf course in Pasco County, Florida, this cell phone capture features a fair-sized gator – ambling across a golf cart path – with an oversized fish clenched firmly in its jaws. Now that’s something you don’t see every day!

Here’s the cool footage:

Talk about a meal fit for a king! We’re unsure of the specie of fish that was – can any readers help us out?

Golfing in Florida is anything but the norm, especially when you share the greens with these present-day dinosaurs. Now if only they’d get on board with catch and release.


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Make Way for This Gator and His Fish on the Fourth Hole