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Pics: Florida Alligator Hunters Go Big on Opening Week

Florida gator
Images Courtesy of John Booker/Facebook

This foursome of Florida alligator hunters tag out on two huge brutes!

Friends Nick Naylor, John Booker, Casey Shields and Kenny Wray have a passion for hunting gators, and opening night of the season in Florida is pretty much akin to the coming of Christmas. August 15 of this year was no exception, and the boys started things off with a bang that first night.

Using spinning gear and 40-pound-test line, the hunters snagged a big gator which they fought into the morning. When the water had finally settled, as well as the reverberation of the .357 magnum that finished it off, the tape stretched an incredible 11 feet, 7 inches.

Florida gator

Here’s the kill shot video:

Not recommended for hippies and tree huggers! #killshot #357magnum #gatorseason2017

Posted by John Booker on miércoles, 16 de agosto de 2017

They returned two days later and ultimately tagged out with this monstrous beast, which measured an incredible 12 foot, 6 inches in length—19 1/2 inches shy of the state record.

Florida gator

Florida gator

The hunts took place near Pensacola, Florida, and the largest of the two was subdued south of Interstate 10 in Blackwater Bay.

The Florida alligator season runs until the morning of November 1.

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Pics: Florida Alligator Hunters Go Big on Opening Week